Land Surveying by David E. Wilson L.S. Located in Stratford, CT
Land Surveying by David E. Wilson L.S.             Located in Stratford, CT

Our Services

The following list represents a basic outline of the services we offer. No matter how unique your project's needs may be we can provide the Land Surveying service to match it in a reliable efficient manner. 

  • Elevation Certificates.

We can provide your Certificate in less than one week (In most cases). Digital copies can be emailed to your insurance agent along with hard copies.

  • L.O.M.A.'s.

Pay for one step at a time. A reasonable fee to determine if you are eligible. Then if you are eligible a smaller fee to prepare the application. 


  • Zoning Location Surveys.

Also known as an "A2" Survey or a "Plot Plan".


Plan and depict your proposed addition or deck, etc., with an accurate survey, certified to the State of Connecticut "A2" standard. Quick turn around time so you can get your applications submitted in a timely manner.

  • Boundary Staking.

Have your property lines marked with steel bars driven in at the corners and galvanized spikes set along the lines. "Good fences make good neighbors". - Robert Frost

  • Site Plans.

We can depict your commercial or residential project with topography, drainage,  existing and proposed features, working in concert with your Architect or Civil Engineering firm sharing and merging drawings.


  • Construction Layout.

Offset stakes for excavation or construction of foundations.  Footings pinned for accurate set up of foundation forms. Bench marks set.


All aspects of site layout work including steel work.

  • Consulting and Planning.


Fully Insured 


Professional & Reliable

Serving the community for over 15 years.





David E. Wilson L.S.

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