Land Surveying by David E. Wilson L.S. Located in Stratford, CT
Land Surveying by David E. Wilson L.S.             Located in Stratford, CT

Property Line Staking, A2 Surveys for all of Fairfield County.

Many towns are requiring a permit in order to legally install a fence. The Town of Stratford does so. It is required that an A2 survey be prepared showing the lot lines and markers set on them by a licensed Land Surveyor.


This practice makes sense. If a fence is installed even a few inches over the property line you may be required to move it.


Boundary disputes can be a real source of stress. Many times they can be resolved by means of a survey by a Licensed Land Surveyor.


When we stake your property lines not only will they be clearly marked but upon completion of the work you will be provided with a "Boundary Staking Map" at no additional charge. This map will depict your property lines and any markers we find or set on them. It will be signed and sealed and certified to the class A2 standard as a legal document testifying to the accuracy and professional quality of the survey.



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