Land Surveying by David E. Wilson L.S. Located in Stratford, CT
Land Surveying by David E. Wilson L.S.             Located in Stratford, CT

Elevation Certificates and Flood Zone Related Services, Stratford and all of Fairfield County

As most of us are aware FEMA has recently revised the Flood Zones in most coastal communities and surrounding some inland bodies of water. This has caused an increase in insurance premiums for many property owners, particularly if they have a mortgage or want to refinance.


That being the case two Land Surveying services that have become useful to property owners are Elevation Certificates and L.O.M.A.'s (Letter of map ammendment applications).

We specialize in providing these products and here is a little more about each one:

  • Elevation Certificate

A form produced by FEMA that can be filled out to provide information about the elevation of specific features of your home or building and the ground immediately adjacent to it in relation to the base flood elevation as established by FEMA for your area.


Many of the key elements of this form must be completed by a Licensed Land Surveyor or Civil Engineer.


The completed form is then given to an insurance company in order for them to calculate the best rate they can give you for flood insurance.


Without the benefit of an Elevation Certificate many property owners may be paying much more than they need to for flood insurance.


  • L.O.M.A.

A LOMA is an application to FEMA requesting that your building or property be removed from the flood zone.


In order to obtain a Letter of Map Ammendment from FEMA  a Land Surveyor or Civil Engineer needs to verify the elevation of your property or home in relation to the base flood elevation for the 100 year flood as established by FEMA.


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